What to do with a water damaged home in Jacksonville, FL

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Have you suffered water damage in your home?

Water can do significant damage to everything in a home, from carpet and drywall to the electrical systems.  It can even do serious structural damage depending on the type of water damage and the cause. Many different events can led to water damage especially in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Pipes bursting
  • Heavy Rain
  • Wind and roof damage can let water in
  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes

There are no shortage of potential hazards in Florida that can lead to water damage in your home.

If you home has experienced severe water damage, the property is secondary to your families well being and safety.  But after the chaos of the actual event, you may find yourself with a severely damaged piece of property.  Water damage can impact, not just the house’s cosmetics but also the structural integrity of the home.

In general, all drywall and carpets that have been submerged, will have to be replaced.  Any hardwoods and cabinetry that spend time under water will also need to be replaced. Depending on the event and the amount water present and the time things are submerged, you may see severe weakening and rot of wood framing and other structural components.  It is also important to consider the lasting effects of water damage, such as the extremely high likelihood to develop a dangerous mold infestation even after the house has “dried out.”

It is important to seek expert, professional advice to determine the extent of the damage to a home.  There are many companies in Jacksonville, FL that can handle the inspection and repair of a water damaged home. However the cost can be astronomical and may prevent you from rebuilding. Sometimes it makes more sense to sell the house, extract what cash value you can from it… and move on.  Freedom Home buyers can help.  Our team is trained to asses the situation and provide you with a FAST, FREE, FAIR CASH OFFER on your water damaged property.



So what’s left after being under water?

You can see by some of the images above that water damage can range in severity and that many different types on weather can cause your home to be affected by some type of water damage.  While damage to a roof (from wind or debris) can allow for rain to destroy drywall and carpets, other major water events (like flooding) can destroy a home and make it uninhabitable for extended periods of time.  The cost can be astronomical to hire a restoration company to fix a home,  and with long term dangers of mold and structural issues… sometimes you best option is simple:

Sell you house to a local investment firm like Freedom Home Buyers.

We can get you a FAIR CASH OFFER for your home FAST! We can close quickly and let you get back on track with your life.  We offer several advantages to help you in your time of need:


Whatever you particular situation is, Freedom Home Buyers can help you get through it fast and efficiently.  Give us a call today or fill out the form on this page.  We are here to help you with your real estate problems.


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* We are not lawyers, nor are we attempting to provide legal advice in any way.  Please always seek the advice of qualified legal council if you have questions about real estate or any other legal matter.

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