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(Zip codes: 32207, 32216, 32217, 32211, 32277, 32225 and surrounding neighborhoods.)

Jacksonville is home to several great neighborhoods.  From urban centers to quaint and quiet suburban streets, the city sprawls west into the countryside and east to the coast from its central feature, the st. john river.  San Marco, San Jose, Arlington, and Baymeadows make up an interesting section of the city on the rivers’ southeastern banks.  There residential neighborhoods in the area range from large modern planned communities to quiet older oak-lined streets that boast some of the most beautiful houses in the city.  San Marco is inhabited by a hip younger generation and established families that have been there for generations.  It has great restaurants and shops everywhere you turn.

The diversity of neighborhoods makes for a wide range of housing in terms of both price and condition.  While older neighborhoods are being gentrified and older homes restored and renovated, many properties have fallen into disrepair.  As with any area which boasts a high volume of rental properties, you tend to see a pretty big split between what constitutes upkeep and maintenance to a landlord, rather than a homeowner.  Many properties seem to visually bring down the whole neighborhood and they can have a real effect on property values, crime, and safety.

So what can we do to help our Jacksonville, FL neighborhoods flourish?

Freedom Home Buyers specializes in distressed properties.  Our team is trained to know the market and form the big picture of a house from where it is now… to where it can go. We purchase all types of homes in the San Marco, San Jose, Arlington, and Baymeadows area and can take a house from busted to beautiful helping out the whole neighborhood in the process.  If you have a home that needs TLC or someone in the area that just isn’t keeping up their property to the standards they should… We can help.  Give us a call or fill out the form on this page.  We would love to look at any potential property that you think might be a good fit.

Here’s a little about each neighborhood.

San Marco

San Marco is one of Jacksonville’s trendiest areas. San Marco Square’s boutiques and bookstores, gift shops, and gathering places bring residents from all over Jacksonville. Just south of Downtown and just across the river, there’s something for every budget, from the upscale, Matthew’s restaurant, to Thai Bistro with live entertainment, to a much more casual collection – pizza, sandwiches and, of course, the inevitable Starbucks. Much of San Marco lies directly on St. Johns, and there are some amazing massive mansions on the banks of the river, but there are many more affordable homes just a few blocks away. These charming colonials and bungalows dot the tree-lined San Marco streets. The nationally known San Marco movie theater and the Playhouse theater for the performing arts are located in the heart of San Marco Square. The San Marco theater is an award-winning cinema house and a great diversion from the run of the mill multiplex. It’s an art-house setting, playing the new releases and a smattering of classic and cult films. The San Marco theater is a combination bar/restaurant/cinema where guests can enjoy a glass of wine, beer, subs and pizza while enjoying the movie.

San Jose

San Jose was one of Jacksonville’s earliest suburbs to be designed with the automobile in mind.

The San Jose Company was founded in 1914 with Claude Nolan as its president. Nolan, the owner of Claude Nolan Cadillac, backed this project because he believed that the automobile would foster the growth of outlying suburban communities. However, the company’s plans were indefinitely delayed by the beginning of World War I.

Interest in San Jose would come alive again during the 1920s. On January 25, 1925, a charter was granted for San Jose Estates. The new company planned a major community that would include two hotels, a golf and country club, a 100′ wide esplanade along the river, a yacht club, parks, schools, a retail center, and hundreds of houses. The community’s theme would be “a bit of Old Spain in the new world”.

In 1926, the San Jose Hotel opened as the centerpiece of the development. Unfortunately, despite strong opening sales, Florida’s real estate boom had begun to fall apart. By the end of 1926, except for 31 completed homes, all construction came to an end. In 1928, the San Jose Hotel was closed and sold to the estate of Richard Bolles. After World War II, the neighborhood was overcome by suburban sprawl. Today, the original remnants of the Spanish Mediterranean-style project have been mixed in with modern development.


Together with Northside, Westside, and Southside, Arlington is one of the large sections of Duval County. Initially, Arlington was a settlement to the east across the St. Johns River from Jacksonville; today it refers to most of Jacksonville east and south of St. Johns, west of the Intracoastal Waterway, and north of the Arlington River and Southside. Using GIS to sort 87 businesses with “Arlington” in their name, McEwen came to a similar definition, though he noted that Arlington overlaps with Southside at its southern end.

Arlington was one of the first areas in the United States visited by Europeans; it was the site of the French Fort Caroline in 1564-1565, now represented by the Fort Caroline National Memorial. After the destruction of Fort Caroline, the area was only sparsely inhabited until the 19th century, when sawmills and plantations were established along the St. Johns River. After the American Civil War, these gave way to residential developments, which were gradually absorbed into the Arlington community as it grew. The construction of the Matthews Bridge in 1953 opened the area up to significantly increased development, and over the next two decades, Arlington became the fastest-growing part of the Jacksonville area.


Take a drive down Baymeadows Road, from Southside Boulevard to where it eventually meets with San Jose Boulevard. You’ll pass through other major intersections – I-95, Philips Highway, Old Kings Road. Through a cluster of residences mixed with business parks mixed with shopping plazas and back again. Through tourist-catering restaurants and new and old hotels, visitors can lie their heads down in at night. But amidst the typical scenery of a road in a city with buildings and cars, pops out several eclectic store-front signs, advertising the worldly grocery food stores that sit behind them. It’s in these ethnic enclaves along Baymeadows Road that Jacksonville’s rich cultural diversity is revealed.

So what’s the bottom line?

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