Testimonial: Mrs. Shaffer, “It was really easy!”

Mark and Sheryl Shaffer were interested in selling their townhouse to Freedom Home Buyers due to difficulty maintaining the property from a distance at their home in St. Augustine. “We bought it as a rental, and it’s just too hard to keep up with the rental property in Jacksonville,” Mrs. Shaffer explained. Plus, according to Mr. Shaffer, the property needed about $3,000 to $5,000 worth of work done, which he didn’t want to have to deal with by himself if he didn’t have to. Of course, we said “No problem!” After discussing the property in depth, we came to a deal that left both Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer pleased. “It was really easy!” Mrs. Shaffer said about the deal. In fact, the time it took from initial contact to close was less than 30 days!



Are You Also Looking To Sell Property That Needs Some Work?

Freedom Home Buyers doesn’t just buy your property for cash, fast. We’ll even cover closing costs… as well as the cost of any necessary repairs! So, don’t get stuck with the idea that you have to reluctantly funnel more money into property that, at the end of the day, you’re only trying to get off of your hands. Instead, call Freedom Home Buyers to discover just how painless and efficient the process can really be!

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Freedom Home Buyers is a local Jacksonville company with the experience in purchasing real estate. We have nearly 1,000 deals in the last 8 years. Unlike some “Cash For Houses” businesses, we are an established member of the Jacksonville community. Our office is located in the historic Riverside district @ 1605 King Street. We have a full staff of trained professionals to help you with your real estate needs. We are BBB ACCREDITED. You can be rest assured that Freedom Home Buyers can help solve your real estate problems.