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Freedom Home Buyers purchases properties of all shapes, sizes and conditions. Here is a quick story on a recent acquisition of a two million dollar property on the river in Avondale, with a little insight on goals for this historic renovation project.

A local seller we have done business with in the past knew we were looking to purchase a property in Avondale area of town, on the river, that needed renovating, the property on Greenwood Ave. came back on the market at the perfect time. Our contact forwarded us the listing to review, we were very familiar with the property from knowing the area and the previous listings, so we immediately called the listing agent and made a cash offer on the phone prior to viewing the home. Yes, we will buy your house sight unseen if it is the right fit! This property appealed to us because of the location and overall style of the home, plus we loved that it needed repairs and that it would have equity after we completed the renovation project. Within an hour of making the verbal offer we went by the property to physically inspect what we were purchasing and while standing in the front yard of the home, discussed with the listing agent the terms of the agreed cash offer prior to even walking inside the home. That is right Freedom Home Buyers will purchase a home without viewing the inside! Once the offer was confirmed we toured the inside of what was soon to be our biggest and best renovation project yet!

What kinds of repairs were needed, you might ask? The Greenwood (like many homes in the neighborhood) was a flood damaged home thanks to Hurricane Irma. At one time during the storm, there were 26″ of flood waters throughout the entire bottom floor of the 7700 square foot home (thanks a lot, Irma). The current owner’s insurance company had already pulled out the wet drywall and insulation and had dried out the home to prevent mold. It worked out well for us because that can be one of the harder parts of the renovation process.

Another appealing point about this home was that it was an interesting blend of vintage and modern design. The original middle portion of Greenwood is from the 1930’s, the back of the home was added in 1988 and the front of the home was added in 2006. It’s like a historical patchwork quilt of styles and eras. The previous owner built on the Master Suite and downstairs River Room during the first addition in ‘88. They added on a Solarium and Guest Wing during the second addition in ‘06.

As far as the renovations we have planned, we have some great functional ideas that we are running with. We plan to move the kitchen to the Solarium to open up the space and give it a more lighted and open feel. We felt the current kitchen was not large enough for the size of the home and that the solarium would not be used in this current floor plan. We are converting the old kitchen space into the new dining room and the old dining room into an office/library. The upstairs master bathroom will be completely reconstructed. There were some structural and design flaws we need to correct in the master bath, so we are handling that while redesigning. We love the openness of each room and the windows which allow a ton of natural light to enter the home. Our favorite room will be the kitchen once the renovation is complete.

One of the unique features of Greenwood is it’s overall design. At 7749 square feet, this home is very long and narrow, and it is also one of the biggest homes in Avondale. We feel the colonial style and location make it a one of a kind and we feel it brings out the original character of the location and history behind homes built in the 1930’s. And it’s location in Avondale (just before you enter Ortega) is idyllic as well. It’s at the end of a dead end street with a little sitting area on the water next to the house for people to come enjoy the view. We’re aiming for an early summer completion, and this home will really be a stunner when it’s completed! Stay tuned for updates and photos as we take on this renovation journey!



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